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The New Profile Pic app or newprofilepic is an AI photo enhancer. With the help of the latest AI technology, it offers a lot of options to edit the photos and to make them outstanding.

Are you Bored of Old Profile Pictures?

If your answer is yes, then the New Profile Pic app can help you enhance your old profile pictures and give them a new feel. In this busy world, who has so much time to click new profile pictures daily, as you know taking a perfect picture requires a lot of effort & time. But what if you can do this work very quickly without any hustle? It will be great, Am I right? Read this blog till the end to learn about this amazing app and download it now to dive into the world of AI photos.

The New Profile Pic app is an AI photo enhancer. With the help of the latest AI technology, it offers a lot of options to edit the photos and to make them outstanding. I have been using this app for the last 1 month and I must say it is one of the best. I suggest you give it a try. Please keep reading to learn how it works, how to use it, and much more.

App Information

App NameNewProfilePic App
Version 0.5.30
App TypeOriginal
App Size26MB
Last Updated7-13-2024

Features of New Profile Pic App

Various Filters

New Profile Pic App has 100+ filters, which means, a photo can be edited in 100 different ways. You have a lot of options, so there are higher chances that your favorite filter is in the app.

Edit Photos’ Background

This app allows you to change the background of the photo. Let me tell you one thing, this app background changing feature is the best. The background looks so real, you must use this feature.

Inbuilt Share Option

NewProfilePic has an inbuilt share feature, which means after editing the photo, you can share it within the app. You do not need to go to your gallery and then share it.

Premium Subscription

The developers offer a premium subscription also. If your budget allows you, I suggest you to use its premium version. because in the premium versions, you will get access to more editing features and filters.

Customization Options

Apart from the background changing and applying filters feature, the app also offers other customization options like contrast adjustment, color alteration, and more. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that it is the best app to enhance your profile picture and make it stand out.

Regular App Updates

Another amazing feature of the app is its regular updates. With each update, new features are added. If there were any bugs in the previous version, they are promptly fixed in the next one. So, give it a try!

Screenshots of App

How to Download the New Profile Pic App?

To download and install the New Profile Pic App on your mobile, follow the below-given procedure. The process is very easy, you have two options either you can download from our website or the Google Play Store. So why wait, install it now!

  • Click on the Download APK Button given above
  • Now, Wait for the download Completion
  • Open your File Manager
  • Click on the Download Section
  • Click on the downloaded APK file, and tap on install
  • If you get an error that “Your Phone is not allowed to Install App From Unknown Sources“, then from Settings turn on “Allow from This Source
  • Go back to the Download Section and again tap on the Install button, 

Now, you can use the app and start editing your pictures.

How to Use the New Profile Pic App?

After, installing the app, open it, in order to edit photos, you have to give permission of storage to it. So a pop will appear, you just have to tap on the Allow option. Now, you can access your phone photos through the app and can select the photos to edit. If you do not have much knowledge about editing, there are various styles available, and you can choose any one of them. There are various tutorials available on YouTube, if you want to edit the photo further. If you are facing issues to access the app, then you can use a VPN.

What is the New Profile Pic Premium Version?

The app also offers a premium version of the app. If you are not happy with the free version, you can upgrade to a premium one too. There are various benefits of the premium version, some of them are as follows –

New Styles

One of the main features of the premium version is that you have access to the premium styles, you will not find those styles in the free version. If you want to present yourself differently with new styles, then you must upgrade to the premium version.

Another benefit of premium is that you can edit photos in bulk. You will not face any issues, in the free version, there is a limit on it. So if your budget allows you, I suggest you try the premium version once.

More Editing Options

Another benefit is that, after upgrading to the premium version, new editing options will be unlocked. You can edit your photos more efficiently. More editing options mean more opportunities or more creativity. So, it is up to you whether you want to switch to this version or not.

Comparison Between Free & Premium Version

FeatureFree VersionPremium Version
Number of filters20100+
Number of editing styles1050+
Background changingLimited optionsUnlimited options
Bulk editingUnlimited with markUnlimited photos
Ad RemovalAds presentNo ads
Customer supportAd RemovalPriority email, chat
Cloud storageNone100GB storage
Subscription priceFree$4.99/month
Export resolution720p4K
Watermark on editsYesNo
Premium styles accessNoYes
AI photo enhancerLimited useUnlimited use

What is the use of the New Profile Pic App?

The main use of this app is that you can use AI technology to enhance your photos and use them as your profile picture. It will stand out in the crowd. Many of your friends will ask where you edited this photo, please tell me. 

Mostly, it is used to make new profile photos for social media.

How to Install New Profile Pic on iOS Devices?

You can refer to this guide to learn how to install it on iOS devices – New Profile Pic App for iOS.

How to Install NewProfilePic APP on PC?

Well, the app is not officially available for PCs. But you can follow this guide to learn about its installation procedure on a PC with the help of an emulator.

Is the New Profile Pic App A Scam?

No, the New Profile Pic App is not a scam. The claims you have heard about this app are totally baseless. Till now, there has been no report of data leaks or unauthorized use of user’s pictures.

I personally checked this app and monitored its background activity, it doesn’t run in the background. The claims that have been made that users’ data is stored in Russia are baseless as the data is stored in the UK’s server. You can also read this article for more details.

Are Snapchat Filters Better Than New Profile Pic App’s Filters?

One question that many users ask that how the new profile pic app is better than Snapchat filters. First of all, it offers users more customization options, it is not like the Snapchat filter in which you just have to click the picture according to the filter settings, and you have more customization controls.

Secondly, newprofilepic also offers premium templates, whereas Snapchat doesn’t.

Is NewProfilePic and New Profile Pic app the Same?

Yes, these two are the same, this app is also known as newprofilepic app, so do not worry about that and install this app now and enjoy!

Watch this video to learn more about it –

YouTube video


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Final Notes

So, enter into the world of AI editing. Download the New Profile Pic App now, and make your profile picture different from others. Do not be like others, make yourself different. If you have any suggestions or facing errors do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Is the New Profile Pic App free?

The app is free to download, but some advanced editing features require in-app purchases. The basic editing tools are all free.

What social media platforms does it work with?

Currently, saved photos can be uploaded directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn. More integrations are expected.

Is there a risk to my privacy or security?

Like any app that accesses your photos and social accounts, there could be some risks, particularly if you enable access. Be sure to check the app’s security and permissions.

Can I save creations without posting them anywhere?

Yes, any pics created with the app can be saved directly to your camera roll without being shared on social media.

How many filters are in the free version?

There are 20+ filters in the free version of the app.

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